Meet The Designer

"I don't just make clothing, I create art"​


Jacklyn Antoinette is a creative visionary who has used her past experiences to create a clothing line that not only appeals to the fashionista, but to the artist at heart. Jacklyn creates edgy, sexy, yet sophisticated statement pieces for her line Jagged Hanger, which launched in Fall 2013. Since then she has participated in NYFW and produced her own feature shows.


In her designs you will notice an edgy yet sophisticated esthetic as she uses abstract patterns, textured prints, snakeskin and leathers. 


Jacklyn portrays her idea of being a woman and she makes sure that each piece represents her values of not showing too much.


Jacklyn is also a fashion stylist for corporate professionals and a personal shopper.





"No one wants to look over and notice someone else wearing the same outfit"


"Custom is the way to go"


"Black, Gold, Ivory and Red are the sexiest colors a woman could wear. Putting them together is a fashion orgasm"